Two Connemara Ponys in Irland

Oil Paint from  2010-01-12


In Galway 1923, The Connemara Pony Breeders Society was founded; the aftermath of the great famine resulted in a decline of both breed numbers and type. The first studbook was issued in 1926 comprising of 108 carefully selected ponies. Around thirty locals of Clifden in Connemara set up the society with the purpose of selecting good breeding stock from the dwindling number of mares.
This helped preserve the purity of the breed, as over the years foreign blood had been introduced. Their aim was to breed and promote a pony that was stocky, short legged, and strong limbed;
with greater freedom of action and of approximately 13.2hh (138 cm) with good ground covering movement from the shoulder. Aside from the raised height limit (14.2hh), these are the qualities that are aimed for in Connemara pony breeding to this day.




Measure :  50 - 40 cm.